High Strength Axle Series

The High strength Axle Series are specifically designed for heavy duty front steering axles and pusher and tags for use
on heavy duty vehicles requiring axles with a higher capacity and strength. Applications, include construction vehicles,
cargo trucks, dump trucks, on/off highway vehicles, firetrucks, buses, military vechicles, etc.

Bare Axle Standard Features

* I-beam, knuckles, tie rod arms and steering arms which are all made from high tensile heat treated forgings.
* Strong, long lasting forged I-beams, Knuckles, tie rods and steering arms.
* ABS ready with a sensor bushing already installed in the knuckle.
* Long life lubrication system with sealed king pins and screw in grease caps.
* All steel heavy duty thrust bearings.
* Heavy duty diameter of the tie rod assemblies with a full ball design.

Optional Components

* Installed ABS drum with impulse rings.
* Installed ABS sensor in knuckles.
* Installed automatic slack adjusters, brake chambers, air or hydraulic brakes, wheel bearings, oil seals and hub caps.
Oil or * greased wheel ends.

Notes :
1. Axle weights are with steering arms.
2. Front steering axles can have up to 50 degree wheel cut.
3. Pusher and tag axle wheel cut varies with the selection of stop bolt length.